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Eliminating Wood-Destroying Insects In Your Riverside Home

Termites and other wood-destroying insects will destroy your house if you allow them to. Gnawing their way through the wooden structures within your Riverside home, termites are a danger to any structure that does not have preventative measures in place. Over $5 billion in damages to structures within the US are caused by wood-destroying insects every year. Don't let your home become a part of that statistic.

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MadCo Pest-A-Side offers expert termite control to the residents of Riverside and the surrounding areas. We also offer our services to homeowners who are already experiencing a termite or other wood-destroying organism infestation. Let our trained professionals take care of your termite problem for you.

Our Termite Control Offerings


Your service begins with a thorough inspection of your home. We'll inspect the interior, exterior, attic, and garage to identify termite activity and damage. This inspection is important in helping us determine what type of termite is in your home, or if another pest is present. The type of termite treatment we recommend will depend on whether we find an active termite infestation or not.


We provide several treatment options to eliminate termites and prevent them.

Fumigation: For large infestations, we may recommend a fumigation service. This process takes several days, during which you must be out of your house. We'll fumigate the entire structure, which eliminates all termites anywhere in the building.

Wood repair: If you have wood in your house that has sustained damage due to termites, other wood-destroying insects, or fungus, we will fix it for you. MadCo Pest-A-Side has carpenters on staff who will either repair the damaged sections or remove and replace them. During this process, we will also treat for termites and apply a treatment to prevent fungus growth.

Prevention: In addition to eliminating active termites, we also offer preventative treatments for subterranean termites to stop them before they have a chance to get into your house. This service involves digging a trench into the soil around your home's perimeter, applying a treatment into the trench, and then filling it back in. Termites that come in contact with the treatment bring it back to the other termites, eliminating the entire colony.

Localized spot treatments: These treatments are available for active termite infestations. These treatments target the spots where there's termite activity found during the inspection.


All of our termite control services come with a three to five-year warranty. If any problems should occur during this time, we'll return to your home to take care of it. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an inspection.

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